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Sheen Picks: The smallest wink can be the most exhilarating.

At 42 Dubonnet, they’re like the secretive wink of the beauty world.

They believe that “the most alluring you” can and should be ready to experience life’s adventures at any moment, wherever you are, wherever you go.


Estela Magazine:



Capital Region Living Magazine:

Capital Region Living Holiday Stocking Stuffers Picks:

Irresistible Kissable Lipstick! Entice with your vibrant pouty lips  with a lip color that glides on effortlessly and lasts as long as the memory of an irresistible kiss. This hydrating matte, long-lasting, lip color will awaken your senses. Full coverage formula with lip smoothing Vitamin E, Paraben free, Petite size, not tested on animals.

Gift Shop Magazine:

This organic lip gloss from 42 Dubonnet hydrates and shines! It's available in multiple colors and is our #ProductPickOfTheWeek.


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Valentina Patruno
MissVenezuela World '03/Tv Host/Youtuber/Beauty Blogger/Influencer
Instagram: @valenpatruno

"Loved loved loved this lipstick from @42dubonnet the color is so beautiful and its matte but very hydrating on the lips! This is my new fave red lipstick."



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Nikki Arnold
Fashion Stylist / Blogger
Instagram: @thefashionableaccountant
42 Dubonnet on The Fashionable Accountant Website

"Ever since that moment at 12 years old, I have been 1920’s obsessed. So, when I discovered 42 Dubonnet at the Orlando Makeup Show, I was absolutely delighted and knew I needed these products in my collection!!"

1920's Inspired Makeup Look



Orlando Makeup Show (minute 4:02)


Jesse Sage
Pinup Model / Content Creator
Instagram: @sagejesse
42 Dubonnet in May Favorites ListFacebook: 42 Dubonnet makeup tutorial

"What I love about the mascara is, it is can build to look like Ardell Wispies." - Jesse & Nikki

42 Dubonnet in May Favorites List


Orlando Makeup Show


Cynthia Abato
Beauty Blogger & Licensed MUA
Interview with Cynthia
Instagram: @paintmeprettycynthiaa
Youtube: 42 Dubonnet Review

42 Dubonnet Review



Beauty Blog
Website: The Luxe Blog


Jennifer Quintanilla
MUA Beauty Influenster YouTube
Instagram: @makeupbysheaa
YouTube: makeupbysheaa.


Christina Sanders
Youtube: 42 Dubonnet PR Un-Boxing + First Impressions
Instagram: fierceglammom

"Super graphic and cool, I've never seen anything like it before. Was really really intrigued by this...this packaging is so unique and pretty."

42 Dubonnet PR Un-Boxing + First Impressions



Zainey Laney
Zainey Laney's website
Instagram: @zaineylaney
Youtube: 42 Dubonnet Review

Zainey Laney and her side geeks have one mission: Find new products and experiences and GEEK OUT!

42 Dubonnet Review


Wendi B
Makeup Addict: makeup insanity with humor & positivity
Instagram: @queenb4n6
Youtube: Announcing 42 Dubonnet's launch and using 42 Dubonnet eye liner!

"[42 Dubonnet] are all about bringing the allure and mystery of the roaring 20s with this new lineGlosses...possibly my favorite from the new 42 Dubonnet Line! Just a bit of shimmer, not too pigmented to  change a lipstick color, but sheer enough to add gorgeous, non-sticky shine. Lipsticks...hydrating mattes with Vitamin E, paraben-free. Eyeliner...very pigmented, waterproof, smudge-proof, long-lasting and cute little size great for travel. Mascara...smudge-proof, flake-free, keratin-infused to nourish and thicken lashes. The packaging gorgeous and fun...I feel like I'm right back there with heels & pearls on!"

 42 Dubonnet Launch & Liner Review



Carla Hayes
Influencer  / Beauty Blogger / MUA
Interview with Carla

Instagram: @carla_hayes74

"Ok my beauty lovers here is the amazing and gorgeous beauty products I received from @42dubonnet with the absolutely gorgeous packaging I posted yesterday. This cosmetic company is amazing, their products are amazing and they are so polite and sweet. I love that they are 20's inspired and cruelty free! They sent me--eyeshadow quad, shadow brush (looks like a pencil, take apart and snap in brush holder GENIUS), gel liner pod, gel liner pencil, mascara, 2 lip glosses and 2 lipsticks! Their gel liner in the pod glides on so smooth and easy, I'm in love! I love everything they sent me, the lip glosses are not sticky but stay on your lips, the lipsticks are so creamy and I love their eyeshadow quad, they have the perfect shades in it to make it the perfect look!"


Melody Martorana
Interview with Melody
Website: Spackle & Glue
Instagram: @spackleandglue

"Love your products!!"


Makeup Artist, Content Writer, Advocate, and Optimist
Interview with Katherine
Website: Let's Make It Up
Instagram: @katmakesitup


Amy / The Makeup Case
Beauty Blogger
Instagram: @themakeupcase17
Favorite Beauty Discoveries of 2017
Review of 42 Dubonnet Lipstick, Lip Gloss & Gel Liner
Review of 42 Dubonnet Mascara

"As I mentioned earlier, this mascara was in my goodie bag from The Makeup Show and is a product pro makeup artist James Vincent had good things to say about during the press preview (if a pro makeup artist talks up a product, you know it’s probably good).

The brush on the mascara wand doesn’t look like anything special. Looks like your everyday, unassuming, typical mascara wand. Don’t let it fool you. This brush is actually full of black magic and voodoo (ok not really but…)...I went in for a second coat… that’s where the magic starts. My lashes looked fuller and stood out more. I love it when a mascara does that. I also love that it doesn’t make my lashes feel stiff/crunchy. Probably have the Keratin in the formula to thank for that....It lasts all day without smudging or flaking off. I have somewhat sensitive eyes and wear contact lenses and this mascara does not bother my eyes at all, which is a must for me. So big YAY for that!"

To see more of this review click here or to see her reviews our other products, check her out here.


Life & Style Blogger
Instagram: @sweettartbeauty
Website: Sweet Tart Beauty

Orlando Makeup Show Recap:

"At 42 Dubonnet, the owner mentioned to me that she would like her brand to help women feel beautiful in their own skin. We shared the same idea that all women are beautiful. Her company has a very vintage feel and my friend would have gone crazy over her outfit. I wanted to get a shot of her outfit but once again my camera was being a diva. I did however snap a selfie so that works right?!"


Beauty Blogging Bobbie
Beauty Blogger
Instagram: @_tgbeauty_

"I love the mascara! It lengthens and separates my lashes so nicely and doesn't flake at all throughout the day. It also doesn't create the crunchy lashes that make us crazy! Definitely would repurchase!"


Jessy C
NYC Beauty Blogger
Instagram: @beautyjunkiemom
Youtube channel

"Amazing vintage products...I am loving the packaging and the names...Let's go straight into the products. The eyeliner is amazing, super pigmented and dark, just how I like it. And the mascara guys is fantastic, it lengthens, volumizes, and separates without leaving any gunk. I love the mini eye shadows smooth, buttery, very pigmented, and side note it's super cute fits in your purse. Now the lipsticks are perfectly made, very moisturizing for the lips. My favorite is the lip gloss, they have such a sweet smell to it, I love how it made my lips feel there is no stickiness, very hydrating...I love this indie vintage brand."


Ashley Michelson
Makeup Artist / Blogger
Instagram: @ashleymickelsonmua
Ashley's Makeup Website

"I swear by their lipstick! Use it on my shoots and personally." 

"[42 Dubonnet products have] quickly become my favorite."

"Thanks to your wonderful products. Wearing dubonnet lipstick and your amazing mascara."


Chelsea Raymond
Instagram: @monogrammedpineapples
Chelsea's Blog

"[42 Dubonnet] are a new start up makeup line that doesn’t test on animals and is Peta certified. This factor alone is what sparked my interest in this brand.

The first thing I noticed was how compact their products are and how sleek their packaging is!

The first thing I was attracted to was the Smoky Eyes Mini Compact eye shadow pallet. It comes with all of the colors you need for a complete smoky eye. The colors are really rich and have a nice shimmer. The compact has a mirror built in and two small brushes so you don’t have to mix the colors on the brush. The colors apply easily and are the perfect shades for me to do a smoky eye with my skin tone.

I love how much staying power their lipsticks have! I’m excited to wear these out and see how long they last before I need to touch up! My favorite color is the Sweet Vermouth. I was very surprised by how rich this color is.

The next thing I tried out were the lip glosses. I LOVE the applicator brush on these. It is the brush type of applicator (not the usual wand applicator). The brush makes them very easy to apply and spread.

I LOVE 42 Dubonnet’s products and I definitely recommend them to you! They are long lasting and a lot of staying power!"

Click to see Chelsea's full review...


Lifestyle Blogger
Website: Thoughts On Things
Instagram: @ronnkelly3

"Such a dramatic gel eyeliner that helps you have the sexiest eyes in the club. And don’t worry about it coming off or smearing. But it is waterproof and smudge proof. Apply easily with the angled brush that will help to enhance your eyes. So get ready, while knowing you look fabulous!"