Dazzle your dinner date

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Dazzle your dinner date

Do you have a hot date coming up? When you’re going out on the town to a local speakeasy or restaurant, you want to stand out with a striking look. Our Gatsby-inspired evening look is sure to impress your dinner date and to make you feel like the gorgeous woman you are.

This gift set includes:

1 Fringe Mascara in Noir
1 Sultry Eyes Gel Liner Pot
1 Smoky Eyes Mini Compact
1 Irresistible Kissable Lipstick in Sweet Vermouth
1 Irresistible Kissable Lipstick in Dubonnet
1 Gorgeous Lip-shaped Gift Box

Our Sultry Eyes Gel Liner Pot takes center stage in this makeup set.  You’ll use it to make your gorgeous eyes stand out. Then you’ll add Moonshine and Noir from our Smoky Eyes Mini Compact to your lovely lids for a sultry, mysterious look. Apply a couple of layers of Fringe Mascara to accentuate your lashes. Brighten your cheeks with Sweet Vermouth Irresistible Kissable Lipstick, and complete the look by applying dark red Dubonnet lipstick to your luscious lips.