Would YOU walk 500 miles?

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Would YOU walk 500 miles?

This song "I would walk 500 miles" by the Proclaimers was running through my head this morning as I dragged myself out of bed for the 21st day of walking the Camino de Santiago. 

Many people look at you in disbelief when you say you plan to walk 500 miles with a 25 lb. backpack across northern Spain, but after years of thinking about it the timing felt right to go this summer. I had been to Spain once in my 20s for about 4 days in Barcelona, but this time I'd be walking from village to village across northern Spain. 

As I walked past fields of corn, alfalfa and apple trees, I began to feel nostalgic. Suddenly I stopped and I saw a field that matched my grandmother's farm exactly. The same type of trees, the view was eerily similar and for a moment I was transported back to my summertimes on her farm.

This wasn't the first time on my Camino de Santiago walk that I'd been reminded of her. My grandmother was devoutly Catholic and would have loved to have walked the Camino. 

The Camino de Santiago, also known as the way of Saint James, is the name of the pilgrimage routes to the shrine of the apostle St. James the Great in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain, where the remains of the saint are buried.

These days people walk it for more than spiritual growth...some for exercise, some for adventure to see Spain on foot...many as part of a walking meditation and reflection, while others for the loss of a loved one. And for some, their purpose doesn't become clear until after the walk. One thing for sure, it's sure to change you in some way. So far for me it's been a time of reflection and peace.

Everyday you meet new people. Some you walk with for a while. Some you keep bumping into. While others you only meet once. Some walk slowly, some very fast, some all at once and others walk a week at a time, year after year. Eventually, most of us arrive in Santiago in the time and path that it's meant to take for us. The Camino has endless parallels to life. 

Today, I'm reminded of my grandmother and spending every summer on the farm gathering eggs from the hen house, shelling peas on her front porch and picking and eating raw corn from her fields. Morning walks through the fields with her and her dog, Lady, were some of my favorite memories. We often were up at the crack of dawn, just as I've been most mornings of the Camino. 

When my mom and I first started discussing the idea of starting a beauty product, we had no idea our inspiration would tie back to our childhood memories of my grandmother / her mom. We just both knew we had a love for beauty products, especially makeup. 

It wasn't until we began asking ourselves the very same questions I ask my Crème de Mint clients that we found both of our inspirations were tied to her. 

Through 42 Dubonnet our memory of her is alive, just as I find she is here with me on the Camino de Santiago. She was an adventurer like me and I know if she were still alive today she'd be here with me. 

Is there someone or some reason in your life that would inspire you to walk 500 miles?