What's In My Bag? Speakeasy Night Out

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What's In My Bag? Speakeasy Night Out

A night out calls for getting all glammed up, especially if the night’s destination is a speakeasy lounge or bar. Speakeasy nightlife has been very on trend across the U.S. for the last few years so these places are not too hard to find (if you know the password, that is).

A modern nightlife experience with all the mystery and luxury of a prohibition era speakeasy, these bars and lounges make for a great girls night out or even a romantic date night.


If you find yourself craving some 1920s flair for your next adventure out on the town, here’s what to stash in your purse for the best night ever.

Before you pack anything, decide which bag you want to take on your grand night out. To play along with the speakeasy theme, consider vintage purses. Small clutches or cross body bags work best, and you can find true vintage bags online and at thrift or consignment stores. If new vintage-Inspired purses are more your style, there are so many great options to choose from.


After you choose your purse for the night, fill it with these eight essentials. 

1) Wallet - This one may seem obvious, and that's why it gets first place on the list. However, instead of a large and bulky 'every day' wallet, try a smaller sleeker cardholder wallet for your money and I.D. Cardholder wallets fit in any size bag and don't take up much space, so you can fit everything you need and want.

2) Lip balm - To keep your lips hydrated and lush all night long, make sure to tuck a tube of lip balm into your purse. Putting lip balm on before applying lipstick will help it last longer and prevent it from sinking into any creases. Hydration is the key to flawless lips.

3) Lipstick and lip brush - Eating and drinking during a night out can be harsh on even the longest lasting lipsticks. To keep your lips looking perfect, bring a tube of your favorite lipstick and a lip brush for application to reapply in between cocktails. For a sassy statement lipstick, try 42 Dubonnet's Irresistible Kissable Lipstick in the shade Bootsy Collins.

4) Lip gloss - This one isn't necessarily an essential but adding a swipe of gloss over your lipstick is a fun way to add some extra glam to your makeup. 42 Dubonnet's Illuminating Lip Gloss in the shade Blinker is a gorgeous sheer pink color that goes perfectly with any lipstick.

5) Mascara - Even though eye makeup is usually sturdier than lipstick, it can still use a little touch-up as the night goes on. Stash a tube of mascara, like 42 Dubonnet's Fringe Noir Mascara, in your purse for a few quick swipes when your lashes need that touch-up.


6) Gum or mints - One of the most fun parts of going out is meeting new people, and you never know when one of those new people could turn into a potential love interest. Having gum or mints on hand means fresh breath just in case you meet someone special.

7) Perfume - Being in large crowds and dancing all night might make you a little hot and sweaty. Putting deodorant and perfume on at the start of the night is always smart, but you might feel like you need a touch-up later on. Stash a sample size perfume spritzer in your purse for a burst of freshness to carry you through the rest of the night.

8) Portable charger - While several rounds of cocktails are sure to give you a boost of energy, your phone might be running a little low. Bring along a portable charger in case your phone battery gets low so you never have to miss out on capturing memories (and Instagram-worthy photos, of course).


With this checklist, you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’re forgetting any essentials. And all of these items will fit perfectly in your purse for a hassle-free evening of drinking and dancing!

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