What do your eyes shout?

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What do your eyes shout?

The eyes are the windows to the soul....

In the speakeasy world of 42 Dubonnet, the wink of the eye is the secret password to the most alluring you. 

This week I engaged in an exercise known as eyegazing, where you stare into another person's eyes for a sustained period of time…4 minutes to be exact. 

Have you ever stared into someone's eyes for a long period of time?

It's uncomfortable, isn't it?

The practice of eyegazing originates back to Ancient tantric tradition as a way to deepen intimacy. In recent years, Eye Gazing Parties have become a fad that fast became a popular alternative to speed dating in New York. Author Michael Ellsberg, who is touted for inventing Eye Gazing Parties, was quoted saying, “It’s a lot easier to have a mesmerizing conversation with someone after you’ve spent two minutes looking into his or her eyes”

So we began. Directly seated across from each other, face-to-face, eye-to-eye. At first it was awkward. We smiled shyly at one another and laughed a little.

I felt vulnerable and uncomfortable. The first few minutes were the hardest. 

I noticed the flecks of color in his irises and how the light reflected in his eyes. I felt I could see thoughts arise and pass. I felt I was falling into a hidden world into a dreamlike state, like a surrealist Dali painting. At one point tears welled up in my eyes (not good for my smoky eye shadow, but at least my mascara didn’t smear!). Then a softness and warmth came over his eyes.

Time seemed to speed up and before we knew it, it was over. The alarm rang and we were out of our trance-like state. We were surprised how quickly the time passed.
The experience was powerful, captivating and vulnerable. I left feeling a heightened awareness of every person I came in contact with and it reminded me of this quote.

“The eyes shout what the lips fear to say.” – William Henry

What do your eyes shout?