The Adventures of Delilah Dubonnet: Episode 8

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The Adventures of Delilah Dubonnet: Episode 8

Episode 8: The Escape

Richard and Cassandra came back from the kitchen. She’d left the gigantic knife in there. Delilah didn’t know whether to be relieved that she was unarmed or to feel hopeless about her own escape.


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“We need to go. Now.” Cassandra told Richard.

“I told you, I’m not leaving without Delilah.”

“Oh come on, you barely know her. Is it really worth risking your life to set her free?”

“I’m not leaving her here, Cassie.” Richard turned to go back to the kitchen, and Cassandra grabbed his arm, pulling him back. As he spun, her grip loosened, and she stumbled to the floor, hitting the side of her head on the corner of a table in the process. She grunted and then was silent.

“Shit,” Richard whispered. He leaned down and felt for her breath. When he felt it, he continued into the kitchen, and then came back with the bread knife. “Let’s get you free, Delilah Dubonnet,” he said.

He crouched down and looked into her eyes. Despite everything that was going on, despite being tied up and ransomed and afraid for her life, Delilah felt heat rise to her face and her breath quicken when he looked into her eyes. For a moment, they were both frozen, gazing intently at each other.

Cassie moaned from the floor, and the trance was broken. Richard began sawing away at Delilah’s ropes, and after a few minutes, she was free. She rubbed her wrists, noticing the angry red marks where the ropes had been. Richard dropped the knife on the floor, and turned to Delilah.

“We need to get out of here now,” he told her. Delilah couldn’t have agreed more. She quickly grabbed her purse from the couch, sweeping her favorite 42 Dubonnet makeup in as she did so.

Richard went to Cassandra, put his arms under her, and lifted her off the floor. Holding her over his shoulder, he yelled back to Delilah, “Let’s get a move on.”

They found the car keys in Cassandra’s pocket. Soon they were speeding down the road, with Delilah in the driver’s seat and Cassandra laid across the back, the blood from her head dripping onto the seats.

“I don’t know where to go!” Delilah said, speeding down the street and mentally going through all of the possibilities. She couldn’t go back to her apartment, because it would be way too easy for them to find her there. Maybe Mari’s place? No, she wouldn’t put little Greg in danger like that. She ran down a mental list of all of the other friends she had in Miami, but she couldn’t think of one person she wanted to involve in this situation.

“Maybe we should go to the cops,” Richard said. “As much as I don’t like dealing with them, they might be able to protect us.”

Why hadn’t she thought of that? Maybe it was because her main interactions with cops had been fruitlessly begging them not to give her speeding tickets.

“That makes sense,” Delilah said. “Do you mind mapping it?”

Richard touched his pockets and then sighed. “Shit. Frank took my phone. Can I use yours?”

“Grab it from my purse from the back,” Delilah said.

He reached back and hoisted her purse up front, then began searching through it for her phone. “It’s not in here,” he said. “Frank must have taken yours, too. I guess he’s smarter than he looks.”

“Maybe Cassandra has a phone we can use?” Delilah suggested.

Frank leaned back, jostling Cassandra and looking through her purse and pockets. “No luck. Maybe we just keep driving and hope for the best?”

Delilah sighed. “I knew that escape was too easy.”

“Don’t worry,” Richard said. “We’re not going back there.” He reached over and rubbed the back of Delilah’s neck. A jolt of electricity spread through her body and she involuntarily moaned.

Richard laughed softly. “Sorry this whole thing has turned into such a mess,” he said. “When I met you last night, I wasn’t trying to get you all tangled up in my drama. I just thought you...I just wanted to spend some time dancing with a hot woman.” He was silent for a moment. “I never should have called you this morning. I’m not sure if I called you because I didn’t know anyone else...or because I just wanted to see you again.”

Delilah felt her face grow warm. “For what it’s worth, this is the most interesting first date...or first and second date...I’ve ever been on.”

“Me too, Delilah Dubonnet. Me too.”

After a long pause, Delilah said, “So...what do people usually talk about on a first date? Other than how to escape their crazy kidnappers?”

Richard grinned. “I like to ask the woman what she loves about herself. That usually surprises them.”

“Oh so you like making women flustered?” Delilah teased.

“That’s me,” Richard said. “Why do you think I got you involved in a kidnapping?”

“Wow, I’ve never had a man go so far to get my attention,” Delilah said. She grinned.

“So, Delilah Dubonnet, what do you love most about yourself?” he asked.

“Hmm,” Delilah said. It was so much easier to think of things she wanted to improve than to find things she loved about herself. “I might be…” Delilah stopped short as she saw something out of the rear view mirror.

A black SUV, speeding toward them.


(Did you miss Episode 7?)