Halloween Makeup with 42 Dubonnet

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Halloween Makeup with 42 Dubonnet

No Halloween costume is truly complete without some spooky makeup to complete the look! Need some inspiration for your Halloween makeup? Keep reading to see how five beauty influencers used our products to create the perfect look to complete their costume. Talk about the best Halloween ever!



Tried and true, classic Halloween looks like beauty influencer Jessy C.'s black cat are perfect for those of you who want to look festive but not break the bank with a decadent costume. To help create this sleek and chic black cat makeup look, Jessy used our Sultry Eyes Gel Liner. This liner is perfect for drawing smooth, deeply pigmented lines or details anywhere. So whether you want to follow Jessy's lead and go for the black cat, or opt for another Halloween classic like a skeleton, have some Sultry Eyes Gel Liner on hand to get the perfect look.

Other Classic Looks:


Makeup artist Agnieszka Wood created this classically glam flapper look specifically for 42 Dubonnet! See more about this look here.



There's nothing more fun than experimenting and creating your own unique look! Makeup artist and beauty influencer Cynthia Abato uses her creativity and colorful imagination to come up with all kinds of original looks, including this spooky yet sweet melting cotton candy skeleton. This makeup is a costume all on its own, but could also be paired with a full outfit for a show-stopping Halloween look! In the process of creating her sweet skeleton, Cynthia used our Pink Shimmy Irresistible Kissable Lipstick.

Other Original Looks:


This neon rainbow masterpiece is the original work of makeup artist Nikki Carmela! She used our Sultry Eyes Gel Liner.



In true Halloween fashion, get spooky! This holiday is all about the creepy and bizarre, and make up artist Nikki Carmela's haunting makeup look beautifully captures the Halloween spirit. For this look, Nikki used our Sultry Eyes Gel Liner to achieve this dramatic eye makeup. Layering this eyeliner creates deep pigmented lines and blending it outward gives you softer gray hues for a perfect smoky look like Nikki's.

Other Spooky Looks:


We love this scary chic skeleton makeup created by makeup artist Kelsie Ann. She used our Sultry Eyes Gel Liner.



Makeup truly is an art form, and makeup artist Carla Hayes' three Halloween looks are proof of this. She used our Sultry Eyes Gel Liner to create stark contrasts with the vibrant colors of these looks. This eyeliner is sleek and pigmented so you can create precise lines and detailing anywhere. This makeup look showcases the possibilities you have to create unique and different Halloween costumes with just a few makeup products

Other artistic Looks:


This stunning Lisa Frank-inspired makeup was created by makeup artist Nikki Carmela using our Sultry Eyes Gel Liner.



There is nothing as cute as a fuzzy animal, so it makes perfect sense that dressing as one on Halloween is about as cute it gets! Because this costume is so playful and innocent, it should have makeup to match. Beauty influencer Christina Sanders pulled this look off perfectly with pretty pink lips, rosy cheeks, and a bright pop of eyeshadow (bonus if its orange, the official color of Halloween!) She used our Sultry Gel Eye Liner to create sleek liner to perfectly compliment her bright statement eyeshadow. We love everything about this foxy look!

Other Cute Looks:


This whimsical dragon makeup was created by makeup artist Melody Martorana using our Sultry Eyes Gel Liner and Irresistible Kissable Lipstick in Pink Shimmy!

These diverse looks prove that the possibilities are endless! Check out our other 42 Dubonnet products to get creative and come up with your own unique look.