Add 1920’s Flair to Your Holiday Look

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Add 1920’s Flair to Your Holiday Look

Timeless and elegant, vintage fashion is always in style. Modern fashion is always borrowing from the past, especially from eras with decadent, luxurious, over-the-top style. This is why the golden era of the 1920's always seems to pop up as inspiration for modern day fashion and beauty trends.


If you are looking for some subtle ways to integrate 1920's fashion history into your wardrobe, especially for the approaching holiday season, look no further! Here is how to add some "Roaring Twenties" glamour to your look.


In the 1920's, flapper girls popularized less constricting styles of clothing with looser silhouettes, such as drop waist dresses.

Kitten heels were also a staple fashion item of the era. While still feminine, low heels were comfortable enough for dancing the night away.

For glamorous nights out, girls jazzed up their look in dresses with intricate Art Deco beading, sequins, feathers, and tassels.

To add some of these luxurious elements to your own look, choose an outfit in one of those styles and incorporate pieces you already own to complete the look. The finished result will be classically chic with a modern twist, and will surely wow at any holiday party. 



On top of decadent dresses, women of the twenties also accessorized with enthusiasm. Their accessories of choice included strings of pearls and vintage purses, many of which were beautifully beaded.

If you are looking to add vintage inspiration to your look in a very minimal way, pearls and a classic vintage purse are a great way to achieve this. 

They are easy to pair with modern outfits and are very versatile. You can match them with lighter and more simple daytime looks, or use them to accessories for a party outfit or a 'night on the town' look.



The "It Girls" of the Roaring Twenties caused scandal throughout society by sporting new short hair cuts. The most popular of these cuts were sleek bobs, cropped curls and vintage waves, and short thick bangs.

For those of you who aren't ready to commit to a drastic new hairdo, there is another option. You can fake a trip to the salon with a faux bob! This hairstyle couldn't be any easier to execute. All you have to do is gather your ends and tuck them under, pinning them up at the nape of your neck with bobby pins. And viola! You're now sporting a 1920's bob. 

Accessorize your new hairstyle with a headpiece or headband, which the era was known for. If you're feeling bolder, opt for an eye-catching headpiece with feathers or sequins. If you would rather err on the side of simplicity, slide on a stylish headband to complete your look.



If you are looking to capture the spirit of beauty in the 1920's, try one or both of these makeup looks.

Show-stopping scarlet lips were a staple of beauty and makeup in the era. Go bold with 42 Dubonnet Irresistible Kissable Lipstick in the classic red shade Dubonnet. For an extra pop, layer a coat of gloss on top. Match Dubonnet with Grenadine, our sultry red Illuminating Lip Gloss. Or choose a darker plum gloss, such as La La Lola Illuminating Lip Gloss, to create a deep red pout.

Try pairing your red lip with a decadent smoky eye, another beauty favorite of the time period. Give your smoky shadow a modern edge by incorporating metallics. Start by creating a basic smoky eye look with the 42 Dubonnet Smoky Eyes Mini Compact and Sultry Eyes Gel Liner. Then, use our Hotsy Totsy Metallic Eyeshadow in the shades French 75, Silver Bullet, or Silver Twist to add metallic sheen. 


Vintage fashion is always in style, so take some inspiration from the Roaring Twenties to jazz up your look. From feathers to pearls to a classic red lip, the possibilities are endless. Get ready to be the star of every holiday party this season!