Spotted: 1920's Glamour in 2018

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Spotted: 1920's Glamour in 2018

It has almost been 100 years since the 1920's roared into history, bringing decadence, luxury, entertainment, and style to all new heights. And even though almost a full century has passed, that long-gone time period still inspires the present, and elements from those years keep appearing in today's trends.

Today, the golden touch of the Roaring Twenties has made its mark on everything from modern fashion to makeup to interior design. So, without further ado, here are the latest examples of 1920's flair making grand appearances in modern luxury fashion. 

Ulyana Sergeenko Fall/Winter 2017 - 2018 Collection


In this 2017-2018 Ulyana Sergeenko collection, vintage inspiration can be found throughout. The looks in this collection represent decadent yet understated 1920's style, and even some menswear looks from the time period. 

The first outfit is an elegant take on an aristocratic woman's winter wardrobe. Fur coats were very popular during the time period and accessories - hats were a very popular choice - were always matched to the outfit.

This second look shows that in this particular fashion show, the 1920's can be found in every detail, no matter how small. The model's hair is styled in the traditional finger waves of the era, and her makeup reflects the popularity of red lips and subtle smoky eyes of the Roaring Twenties. 

When you think of the 1920's, you might imagine flappers and gangsters. And while flapper-inspired looks are mostly absent from this collection, there are heavy gangster influences. With a twist on traditional and historical gender roles, this collection features models strutting down the runway in outfits inspired by the smooth and slick Twenties male icon. 

Rochas Fall/Winter 2017 - 2018 Collection


 While the last collection was more understated, this one is certainly not. With glitzy bedazzled gold and black fringe, these Rochas dresses are quintessential 1920's party dresses. Aside from their showy detailing, the streamlined and drop waist style of these dresses is also a nod to the time period, when those dress styles came into popularity. The additions of the traditional black stockings and low heels tie the whole look together. Luxurious vintage perfection.

Zuhair Murad Spring 2018 Collection


 A signature element of 1920's fashion was intricate, detailed beadwork that could be found decorating dresses, coats, handbags, headbands, and even shoes. This 2018 Zuhair Murad collection marvelously recreates delicate beadwork and jeweling from the time period on these evening gowns. However, this collection is truly a homage to the 1920's as the beading on the gowns is arranged to create subtle Art Deco patterns and designs. This collection might be modern, but its inspiration is clearly historical.  

Elie Saab Spring 2018 Collection


 Similarly to the one above, this Spring 2018 Elie Saab collection features intricately beaded and jeweled gowns with subtle Art Deco detailing. However, this collection takes the look even further by including extra elements from the time period, including vintage shoes, feathers, jewelry, and headpieces.

The low heeled T-strap shoes seen on the models were exceptionally popular during the 20's. They gave women just enough height but were comfortable enough for dancing all night. Also, the feathered shoulder capes in this collection are reminiscent of the feathered shawls and fans that women brought along for a night out all those years ago.


 These three dresses from the collection are the best examples of Art Deco-inspired beading. Similar beading can be seen on the accompanying headpieces and head wraps, which were at the height of fashion among upper class women during the 1920's.

Dolce & Gabbana Winter 2019 Collection


 The most recent and possibly most decadent yet, the Winter 2019 Dolce & Gabbana "Secrets & Diamonds" collection embodies the authentic spirit of the Roaring Twenties. Dripping with diamonds, feather, beads, and tassels, these looks could have come straight from that luxurious era. 

Again, it is possible to see another "gangster" menswear-inspired look. And with this fashion show, the menswear look finds balance within the collection in the form of flapper-inspired outfits. 


 These looks scream "Twenties!" with every single detail. Riveting and beautiful, the perfect 1920's woman takes shape on this runway and reminds the fashion world why the era was, and is, so sensational. Because it is the epitome of dramatic flair and luxe living, the 1920's will always find ways to inspire, even in this modern age. 

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