Sexy Lips - 16 Beauty Experts Share Their Secrets For Hot Lips

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Sexy Lips - 16 Beauty Experts Share Their Secrets For Hot Lips

We all want to look and feel attractive. Women that like their body and feel good in their own skin are more confident and positive. The lips are one of the most attractive features of a person. When you talk, eat, drink, smile or kiss, all the attention is focused on the mouth, especially on the lips. Naturally, all women want to have sexy lips.

Growing up I remember how fascinated I was by Angelina Jolie's lips who had "the most requested lips in plastic surgery". Personally, I believe that esthetic surgery is method too radical a method. There are lots of ways through which you can make your lips look more attractive and desirable.

That's why we invited 16 beauty professionals to share their opinions about lip care and makeup. We asked them the following question:

What is your favorite makeup trick that you use to make your lips look more attractive?

We received some great tips that we would love to share with you.

Mandie Brice - Mandie’s Makeup Mastery Academy

Mandie Brice

I think one of the most important parts of sexy lips is to have healthy lips. That means they should be well-moisturized and exfoliated! I recommend a good lip scrub occasionally, to make sure that there aren't pieces of dry, flaky skin on the lips.

I also recommend a good lip balm or some sort of lip product that is moisturizing and keeps lips soft and supple. It may seem odd, but the best product I've found isn't even marketed as moisturizing. It's Victoria's Secret lip glosses that come in the tube, such as the satin gloss.

For some reason for me, these keep moisture in better than anything else! If you're not a fan of the glossy look, you could just wear this while you're sleeping, and go for a matte look when you're in public.

As I share in my online makeup academy, one reason for makeup is to scientifically appeal to a potential mate, and this is done in part by looking healthier. Because of that rationale, a pink or berry lip with a bit of shine.

Making the lips appear larger is also another sign of health, so sometimes adding a pop of shimmer or a lighter color in the center of the lip can contour them to make them appear larger without even using a lip plumper (though those certainly don't hurt)!

Hillary Kline - Kline To The Top
Hillary Kline

I have a few makeup tricks that I use to make my lips look more attractive, as in fuller.

Try using two different nude lip colors to add depth. First, apply one shade all over the mouth and then take a lighter color and draw a line in the middle of your lips. If you want, you can also use a white lip crayon and draw a line down the middle of the lips as well, just make sure to blend with your fingers so you don’t have any harsh unblended lines.

Place lip gloss in the middle of your lips. This is one of my favorite tricks to give the illusion of fuller lips! Find your favorite clear lip gloss and dab it on the middle of your lips. What’s cool about this is that the product picks up light which makes your pout appear fuller.

Use a little bit of bronzer. I do this after I put highlighter above my Cupid’s bow. Take a little bit of bronzer and dust it very lightly (seriously, use a light hand with this) underneath the center point of your bottom lip to create a shadow. The key is to make sure it’s blended.

Use a lip plumping gloss to create fuller looking lips.

I exfoliate my lips by taking a toothbrush and brushing away any dead skin particles or flaky spots. Not to mention, I have noticed that when I make small circular motions with the toothbrush that it encourages blood flow to the lips and makes them appear a little fuller.

Olga Lelekova - 7 Derma Center

Olga Lelekova

Dark lipstick colors do wonders for any lady with bright skin. Especially classic red. But you can get the same effect with brown, violet or pink. What I personally do is:

1. I recommend a nice lip peel because it shreds any dead cells and doubles the volume of the lips.

2. Take a lip pen and micro outline my lips. You can totally change in just one tiny move. If you are going to try this trick please DO NOT exaggerate!

3. Fill in the lips with the same pen. I would focus on the inner side of my lips.

4. Next, I go over the pen with a lipstick that has the same or similar color (it would be better to be slightly lighter than darker).

5.If I'm in a mood for even fuller lips I just gently add glam.

With this trick, you get fuller and sexier lips in a matter of minutes. Plus there is absolutely no way your makeup goes away in the next 3-4 hours no matter what you do. Well… don’t get too wild though.

Karol Young Moses - IC Artistry

Karol Young Moses

Here are a few of my favorite tricks to help lips look more attractive:

Give your lips some TLC during your daily beauty routine. Use your favorite exfoliating scrub or peel pad over your lips (along with your face) to keep them smooth and kissable. You can also use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub your lips and eliminate peeling. Your matte lip colors will thank you!

Eye cream works wonders to hydrate, smooth and plump your lips. It can help eliminate lines around the mouth and improve the texture of the skin on your lips. After applying your eye cream, use what's left on your fingers over your lips and around your mouth. You'll see a smoother, plumper pout and your lip color will glide on like butter!

Pop a little gloss on the center of your lips over lipstick to create a voluptuous pout that will complement any makeup look. If you're not into gloss, a shimmer eyeshadow can give you the same full, youthful effect.

Alison Martin - Youth Lab

Alison Martin

Common major concerns when it comes to the appearance of our lips include fine lines, loss of volume and dryness. It is essential to keep lips well hydrated in order for them to look their best.

Using a hydrating serum containing B vitamins and Hyaluronic acid will attract water molecules and deliver intense hydration to the lip and surrounding skin, resulting in fullness and reduced appearance of fine lines and chapping. Using a scrub made from sugar and coconut oil once a week is great for smoothing lips and gently removing dryness.

Using a nourishing lip balm containing ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E and nourishing oils throughout the day can help to lock in hydration. And don't forget to protect your lips from the sun. Lips don't tan, but they sure can burn.

Make sure whatever products you are using are free from parabens, fragrances, alcohols and petroleum as these will dry your lips out over time.

It is important to hydrate lips prior to applying color in order to prevent flaking and allow the color to hold throughout the day. It can be handy to know whether you have a cool skin tone or warm skin tone when it comes to choosing a lip color that will best suit you.

If you don't have the steadiest hand when applying lipstick, use the end of the stick to dab against the inside edges of your lips, and then use a small brush to spread color to the outer line. This also results in a softer look that is ideal for day wear.

Jennifer Bailey - The Red Dress Blog

Jennifer Bailey
My lip tricks include:

1. Always, always wear chapstick - keep away dry, chapped lips

2. The liner is your best friend! It makes your lipstick long lasting. I also use liner to give more of an ombre effect with a lighter lipstick, as well as use it to overline my top lip to make it appear bigger.

3. Find a lipstick brand that has great pigment and moisturizers well for you. My favorite drug-store brand is Revlon and my favorite high-end brand is Urban Decay.

Cynthia Rowland

Cynthia Rowland

My best makeup trick to make lips more attractive is the lip liner X.

Using your favorite lip liner (drugstore lip liner Revlon Colorstay is actually amazing and affordable!) draw an X at your Cupid’s Bow, the top of the lips where they converge in a bow shape.

Then, use the lip liner to connect the lines at the top, outline your lips, fill in and add your favorite lipstick and/or gloss.

Lora Alexander - Pretty Your World

Lora Alexander

My favorite trick is to use a neutral lip pencil (the type that creates a sharp point, not the mechanical soft-point liners) to define the outer edges of the lips. 

  • Neutral shades look natural and will work with any lip color. 
  • It prevents lipstick and gloss from 'migrating' into fine lines. 
  • It adds definition to those whose lips have lost some color as they aged. 
  • Use it just outside of the lip line to help create the illusion of a wider lip. 
  • Used with a nude lip color, it creates the look of naturally defined but very subtle no-makeup look. 

Christian Simone

Christian Simone

I have naturally full lips so I have a slight advantage. I start out by making sure my lips are exfoliated daily with the Lush lip scrub. This ensures my lips are soft and supple. After that, I use a rose salve balm overnight to make sure my lips remain moist. Being in harsh weather conditions, my lips at times can become chapped especially with using matte lip products.

I am very open to using a variety of lip colors and prefer mattes over anything. I believe lips look better with matte lip colors. I tend to gravitate towards reds and pinks but love a great nude.

Since I am a woman of color, I have to start with a lip liner either a clear one or one that will compliment the lip color I'm wearing. This helps to make a clean transition to the face.

After that, I apply my lip color really focusing in on the middle of the lip and then working outward in order to not have an even look. I tend to use a little of my highlight to define my cupids bow. I also use a tiny bit of concealer to clean up my lips to give a more crisp look.

Mel Von Stanke - Vanity Makeup Bar & Body Lounge

Mel Von Stanke ​

First and foremost, good lips are a sign of good health, so look after yourself, follow a healthy diet and of course drink plenty of water, your lips are one of the first tell-tale signs you are dehydrated when they become paper thin and crack quickly.

They are always facing the elements and more so in the winter winds than the summer sun.

Purchase a good quality Lip Balm which contains quality ingredients, shea butter and beeswax are two of the best around, but most importantly one with an SPF which will provide you with protection from the sun’s harmful rays

Don't leave it home in the bathroom cabinet, always carry it with you. Use your lip moistening balm every day, several times and always just before going to bed.

As a professional makeup artist, I recommend you also invest in a good quality lip brush and once mastered, you will find your lipstick application will be a lot smoother and more precise. Using a lip brush presses the product into your lips much deeper than you will be using your fingers or the stick of lip color.

Another helpful tip is to apply a similar colored lip stain under your lipstick to extend the time you glow.

To perfect your lip color application first line you lip to stop bleeding. Nude lip liner is the perfect addition to your makeup bag, it will blend with any of your favorite lipsticks. If you are looking to make a statement, go glossy, apply your favorite lip color and top with a clear gloss to reflect the light and make your pout pop.

Tawayna Green - Pretty Eclectic MUA

Tawayna Green

I have two makeup tricks that I use to make my lips more attractive.

The first is to wear a lip plumper. The ingredients in the product are designed to slightly irritate the lips and make them appear fuller. Lip plumper does feel tingly on the lips and some people even say it feel hot, if you can get used to it, you'll have fuller sexy lips.

My next trick is if lip plumper is too extreme for you, when applying lipstick or lip gloss or liner, go slightly over your own lip line! This will give your lips the appearance of being fuller!

Joey Kaufmann - Life Got Me Like

Joey Kaufmann

Here is my go-to lip routine for amazing lips!

1) Start by using a good lip exfoliant. Gently rub the lips to help get rid of any dry or chapped areas.

2) Use a good lip primer that is moisturizing. This will give your lips a  good base for whatever you are going to put on top, and help to keep your lip color lasting all day.

3) I like to line my lips with a pencil. I start at the cupids bow and then work my way to the outsides. Same on the bottom. Start in the middle and work to the outsides. I line just outside my natural lip line, but not too much! I also draw a small line in the center of my bottom lip from top to bottom to create fullness.

4) I apply my favorite gloss, which is usually a clear or nude finish, to my entire lip an blend in the liner.

5) To add extra pout, I will put some highlighter right above my cupids bow to accentuate my upper lip. For the bottom, I use a medium to dark brown eyeshadow, and I apply it directly under my bottom lip, concentrating on the center. This will create a shadow effect, making my bottom lip look fuller.

Caleb BackeMaple Holistic

Caleb Backe

Using a lip pencil before the lipstick can make lips seem fuller. You could call this an optical illusion of sorts, but it works! Even those of us with thinner lips may be able to pull this one off adequately, and the results are almost always a win.

Also, there is the option of using two colors that blend: the darker one on the outer lips and the lighter shade on the inner lips. This causes an effect resembling development within the lips. This technique is more efficient with fuller lips.

Lips and attraction go hand in hand, so remember that you don’t need to try too hard. Use your original shape/size to your advantage, and don’t try to turn your lips into something they aren’t. Depending on what you are wearing, there is a good chance that less is more. Make sure your look isn’t a big “makeup trick”. Authenticity is also sexy!'

Kumba - Kumbear Xo


I live in Scotland and it’s consistently cold, wet and rainy and my lips are often left dry and chapped - which isn’t hot right?

My favorite tip to help banish dry lips with a lip scrub.

I love the LUSH lip scrubs but if you’re on a budget you can always create your own DIY scrub with simple ingredients you’ll have at home. Definitely my top tip!

Breanna Thomas - Healthy Skin And Beauty

Breanna Thomas

As a professional makeup artist & licensed aesthetician for almost 15 years, I've found that there's 1 trick for making lips look more attractive that is an absolute must.

There's not been a single pout that hasn't been evened out a little bit with the use of a natural lip liner.

Whether the lip "look" is super natural or uber glam, I always round out the upper lip by slightly over lining any areas that may be a bit flat or pointy.

This subtle adjustment is done by picking a lip liner shade that matches the natural coloring of the lips rather than the lipstick so we can ensure that this subtle lip enhancing makeup trick looks natural on not too "overdone".

When choosing the best formulation for this, I prefer to stick to natural mineral pigments rather than clogging synthetically dyed lip products to make sure that the pores along the lip border stay clear & free of breakouts.

Daphne Verzosa

Daphne Verzosa

First, I apply a rosy color all over my lips.

After which, I paint some red lipstick to the center. Then, I blend them together using a brush.

Blotting with a tissue or sponge works as well to create a more natural blend.

This technique gives my lips that gradient, dimensional effect - making it look plumper than usual. 

In conclusion, do remember one thing, ladies. Your soul and personality are the most beautiful and sexy features you have. That doesn't mean you are allowed to neglect the way you look. There are no mind readers. People first judge you by the way you look, and later for the way you think and behave. Taking care of your body and the way you look means respecting yourself. 

I hope you enjoyed our expert roundup. You are now armed with all the knowledge that you need to make your lips sexy and seductive. If you liked this post, then please share it with your friends on social media.



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