Saying Goodbye & Our Very LAST SALE, EVER!

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Saying Goodbye & Our Very LAST SALE, EVER!

Dear Make-Up Lovers / Friends,

Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day. We have some big news to share with you about the Mother-Daughter Make-up Duo. Here at 42 Dubonnet, we are in a BIG transition. We will be closing our 42 Dubonnet makeup line.
Why are we doing this?
Lauren: What I love is creating the designs for products and helping new businesses get started. As you may know, we won several package design awards for 42 Dubonnet. I love creating beautiful, engaging designs and sharing them with you. My plan is to do more of this and support others who want to launch their own products. After we close 42 Dubonnet, I will continue share posts about the package design and how others can benefit from our experiences and start their makeup or beauty lines.
Ann: As you may know, I had a milestone birthday in February when I turned 65 and with Lauren focusing on her passion of packaging design and helping new businesses, I’ve decided to explore new opportunities as a “retiree”. I’ve loved every opportunity to talk with each of you, our customers and makeup artists and hear about what’s important to you, whether it’s your favorite products, what inspires you, what you love. And I’ll still be helping Lauren with some of her projects so I won’t be completely “retired”!

How are we feeling about this transition?
We are so grateful for all of your support over the last 2 ½ years. We love seeing the looks you make with our products and love interacting with you. We are sad that we will be phasing out our product offerings, but realize this is the right next step for us both.



We are having our final sale from today through May 31st. Now is your last chance to pick up your 42 Dubonnet favorite products at their best price ever. 50% OFF Everything! USE CODE: FIFTY
All sales are final. Once the products are gone, the are gone forever. Get yours while supplies last!


Thank you for taking this amazing journey with us. We have loved every minute getting to know each of you!

All Dolled Up,

Ann & Lauren, the mother-daughter duo

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