Lush Lips: The Intoxicating Names Behind Our Lipsticks

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Lush Lips: The Intoxicating Names Behind Our Lipsticks

Have you ever wondered how our products get their creative and unusual names?

Well, if you are already in on the secret, you know that 42 Dubonnet captures all the allure, mystery and electricity of 1920s. We use that glamorous 1920's essence to create beautiful 'Speakeasy Cosmetics'!

The mystery and hidden glamour of 1920's Prohibition speakeasies and the cocktails served there inspire every element of 42 Dubonnet. From the colors of lipsticks and eyeshadows to the names of different products, all draw inspiration from the decadent (and tipsy) history of Prohibition era in the Roaring Twenties.

So sit back, relax, and drink in all the secret info about which Jazz Age cocktails inspired some of our most intoxicatingly beautiful lipsticks!