How to create an authentic flapper look: 6 in depth tutorials

How to create an authentic flapper look: 6 in depth tutorials

One of the classic Halloween costumes is the 1920s flapper girl look. Buy an amazing vintage looking dress (or make one yourself, if you’re creatively inclined), make a simple headband, and you’re most of the way there.

With the right makeup techniques, you’ll look gorgeous and stand out from all of your friends at this year’s Halloween party. Use 42 Dubonnet’s Sultry Eyes Gel Liner, Smoky Eyes Mini Compact, and Irresistible, Kissable Lipstick for an unforgettable vintage look.  

For step by step guidance for how to create your own vintage look, check out these amazing YouTube tutorials.

First up is our very own nighttime 1920s Gatsby look, created with 42 Dubonnet products. We offer step by step written instructions so that you don’t miss a step. The video is short and the look is simple to create. Plus, the look our makeup artist, Agnieszka Wood, achieves is both glamorous and luxurious.

You’ll learn a simple but powerful blending technique to make your eyelids smoky and sexy, like the flapper girls did in the days of speakeasies. Agnieszka also shows you how to use Sweet Vermouth Lipstick as blush. We love using our products for more than one purpose!


Whether you’re going to a daytime Halloween party, or if you just want to sport a less dramatic look, you can use 42 Dubonnet products to create this 1920s inspired daytime look, also created by Agnieszka Wood. She uses the lighter tones from our Smoky Eyes Mini Compact and chooses the Pink Shimmy lipstick for blush in this lighter tutorial.


In this historically accurate makeup tutorial, Zabrena does a great job explaining the basics of what goes into a 1920s look. She explains that most of the makeup we use today, like mascara, blush, and eyeshadow, were invented around 1910, but that it didn’t catch on until the 1920s. Before then, makeup was so strongly associated with prostitution that most women didn’t want to wear it! But in the 1920s, women began to wear makeup to compete with men to get jobs.

The typical look in the 1920s was, as Zabrena put it, an “artificial face,” with dark eyes, dark lips, and pale skin. Unlike the more subtle makeup look many wear today, they wanted their makeup to stand out.  Eyeliner was also popular back in the 1920s, which Zabrena explains has an Egyptian influence. We loved learning about all that history!

Zabrena explains each step of her makeup tutorial out loud, beginning with her eyeliner application technique. You’ll love it if you’re one of those people who struggles to draw your eyeliner on straight!


Michelle Phan’s Gatsby 1920s Flapper Girl video is beautifully produced with music and opening titles that make you feel transported back to the 1920s. She begins her tutorial by explaining how to apply foundation. She then adds concealer, before moving on to finishing powder. If you want to achieve that look of flawless skin sported in the 1920s, this tutorial will help you get there.

Then Michelle moves on to her eyebrows, explaining that women in the 1920s drew their eyebrows on and that they liked them extra thin. If you have full eyebrows, no worries! Just don’t make them even fuller than they already are.

One of the best  things about her tutorial is that Michelle takes each part of the tutorial a step further, explaining not only what to do to achieve the 1920s look, but why that technique achieves that look as well. You’ll finish her tutorial with a great 1920s look and a better understanding of how to apply makeup in general.  

Tess Christine’s Daisy Buchanan & Gatsby Halloween Tutorial takes it a step further by including costume ideas after her makeup tutorial. She shows how to achieve the Gatsby look as well, if you and your partner want to create coordinated looks for Halloween. Tess’s look combines smokiness and sparkle, inspired by the Great Gatsby movie.

One of the best parts of this tutorial is her explanation of how to achieve a beautiful 1920s hair style. After all, no Halloween costume is complete without a great hairdo!

Finally, if you want to wear one of those sparkly headbands that was so popular in the 1920s, Tess explains how to make one from a sparkly band bought at your local craft store. Get ready to impress your friends!


If you’re looking for a rosier eyeshadow look, check out this tutorial by Teni Panosian. She uses a variety of colors to create bronzed eyelids, a different look than the previous smoky eye tutorials in the other videos. On her lips, Teni uses a bright, dark lipstick shade, a color that beautifully contrasts with the colors of her eye makeup. Her look was inspired by The Age of Adaline. Check it out here.  

We hope you enjoyed these 1920s tutorials and got some ideas for how to achieve the perfect flapper look at your Halloween celebration!

If you’re thinking about using 42 Dubonnet makeup to create a different look, get inspired by these makeup artists who used our products and shared the results on Instagram!


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