Get Her Look: 1920's Icon Gloria Swanson

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Get Her Look: 1920's Icon Gloria Swanson

During the 1920's, no one knew how to dominate the Hollywood box office or the fashion scene quite like Gloria Swanson.

She was born in Chicago but moved around a lot as a child, eventually spending much of her childhood in Puerto Rico. She entered into the film industry in 1914 when she was just 15 years old. By 1921, Swanson was one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood.


By the end of her career in the mid 1970's, Gloria had been credited with roles in over 80 productions, including silent and modern movies, television shows, and theater performances. However, she is best known for her role as Norma Desmond in the 1950 movie Sunset Boulevard.


In addition to being a Hollywood starlet, Swanson was also a fashion icon and a major source of celebrity gossip. Her love of dramatic outfits and headpieces, and her succession of six husbands always kept her in the news. However, this never stopped her from forging her own path and devoting her energy towards her career. 


Glamorous, fashionable, talented, and oh so scandalous, Gloria Swanson was a true 1920's Hollywood starlet. Even though her heyday has long since passed, her remarkable beauty and success are still enduring.



Recreating the sultry appeal of Gloria's signature shimmery gold eye and bright red lip is pretty simple and just calls for a few products. You can find recommended 42 Dubonnet products underneath the directions for each look. 


To get her light metallic eye, you will need a light matte eye shadow and a metallic light gold shade with shimmer. 

Prep your eyelids with an eye shadow primer. Then, start with the light shadow and apply it all over the lid, blending as you go. This light neutral shade will act as a base for the gold to appear more pigmented on your skin. 

Next, go in with the gold shadow and apply the color to the outer corner and crease, blending toward the middle of the eye to create depth. Blend until there are no harsh lines. Finish by lightly tapping the gold shadow in the inner corner of your eyes for a nice highlight. 

If you want a look with more depth and drama, create a deeper shade of gold by layering the eyeshadow until you get the desired effect.

Follow with eyeliner and mascara to complete your look.


Recommended Products:

Smoky Color Eyeshadow in Moonshine

Hotsy-Totsy Metallic Eyeshadow in French 75

Sparkle Charcoal Gel Eyeliner

Fringe Mascara Noir 


To get her signature ruby red lip, you will need a lip brush, a classic red lipstick, and a red lipgloss.

Prep your lips by exfoliating and hydrating them. Then, swipe a lip brush against a classic red lipstick and use it to trace around your lips to line them, giving your lipstick a smooth flawless edge. Next, apply the lipstick directly to your lips inside the lines and build the color as much as you want. Finish the look by going over the lipstick with the red lip gloss. 


Recommended Products:

Irresistible Kissable Lipstick in Dubonnet

Travel Size Lip Brush

Illuminating Lip Gloss in Grenadine 

If you were as inspired by Gloria Swanson as we were, you can even take it to the next level and complete your look with dramatic, glamorous accessories fit for a Hollywood queen. 


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