1920's Flapper Costume: How to Guide

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1920's Flapper Costume: How to Guide

Trying to decide on a costume for Halloween? If you are looking to go glam, dressing as a 1920's flapper is the way to go! With sequins, feathers, and hints of vintage flair, no costume is more luxurious. 

However, creating a luxurious look doesn't have to cost a fortune. Here are some tips and tricks to get the look you want without having to buy a pre-made costume.

The Makeup

In this 42 Dubonnet makeup tutorial, get step by step instructions on how to create your perfect "Gatsby-inspired" flapper makeup look. With this tutorial, you can achieve a luxe smoky eye and ruby red lip, perfect for any Halloween celebrations headed your way.

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The Dress


While finding the perfect flapper outfit may seem like a daunting task, it's actually a lot easier than it may seem. Most vintage or thrift stores have good selections of vintage dresses to choose from, many of which are beautifully beaded in true 1920's fashion. If you can't find an authentic beaded vintage dress, any sequined or bedazzled dress will work just as well. The more sparkle the better! 

The Shoes


The shoes you choose can make or break an evening. And since all the festivity of Halloween includes lots of walking and dancing, choose wisely! With classic vintage heels, like the ones pictured above, you'll be able to dance the night away without having to sacrifice any comfort. The short, thick heel is ideal for supporting your foot throughout the night, but the luxe fabric and detailing will go perfectly with any 1920's look! For true vintage heels, Amazon or eBay are your best bet.  

The Jewelry


The guiding principle for finding jewelry is similar to finding the perfect dress: the more sparkle the better! Because the 1920's was very much about glitz and glam, go all out with your accessories. With rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, you can create a unique look to complete your outfit. Don't be afraid to layer bracelets and necklaces, go bold with statement earrings, and incorporate jewelry with both pearls and jewel stones. Jewelry will be the easiest part of the costume to find. Bargain stores like Forever 21 or Love Culture have tons of costume jewelry available, or you can check thrift stores near you. Thrift stores are especially great places for finding authentic vintage pearl strands.

The Purse


You are going to need some type of bag to carry your stuff around all night, so why not opt for a chic beaded purse to compliment your outfit? Gorgeous purses like this are both fashionable and functional, and can be easily found online or in stores. Online stores like Etsy and Amazon have many options to choose from, but for a budget-friendly option, check out your local thrift stores. Always carry your essentials with style!

Extra Accessories

If you want to go above and beyond with your look, you can add some extra accessories. Some possible options are stockings, elbow-length gloves, boas, and feather fans. These items are fun way to get even more into flapper character and will take your Halloween look to the next level!

The Hair


For your hairstyle, the possibilities are limitless. You could opt for a sleek chignon, vintage waves, or leave your hair natural. Whatever style you choose, nothing will finish off your look quite like a bedazzled flapper headband. You can either buy one or DIY your own, but the headband is a must as it is an essential part of the true flapper look!

While there are many options for creating beautiful looks without spending a lot of money, if you are more willing to invest in a few high-quality costume pieces, there are several stores that specialize in creating a true 'Roaring Twenties' look. One such store, Unique Vintage, has a whole Flapper section for anyone looking to create the most authentic look possible.

Whatever your budget, check out this 42 Dubonnet blog post for more inspiration for your flapper Halloween costume! Or if you're looking for a specific 1920's dame to emulate, check out our blog post on beauty Gloria Swanson.

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Have a safe, happy, and glamorous Halloween!!