What We Love: Sultry Eyes Gel Liner

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What We Love: Sultry Eyes Gel Liner

What do Ann and Lauren, cofounders of 42 Dubonnet, love about the waterproof, smudge-proof Sultry Eyes Gel Liner?


"We love how this liner glides on our eyes with no tugging. It feels really rich on the skin."

So now that you have heard from 42 Dubonnet's very own, what do customers love about this product? Here is what they have to say!

Cynthia Abato

Beauty Blogger and Makeup Artist 


"When I put it on, it glides so easily. It really goes on nice and softly, I love it!"

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Missy Rose

Model, makeup by makeup artist Melody Martorana


"I'm in love with your products!! Anytime Melody uses them they last forever and feel lightweight. The eyeliner is so silky!"

Carla Hayes

Beauty Blogger and Makeup Artist


 "Their gel liner in the pot glides on so smooth and easy, I'm in love!"

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Kat Daue

Model, makeup by makeup artist Jesse Sage


"Loved it, and it stayed on in the Florida humidity, in comparison to other liners I use which become an involuntary smoky eye."

With these thoughts in mind, try our Sultry Eyes Gel Liner and decide for yourself! And if you would like to read more reviews about our products, check out our Press page. 

42 Dubonnet is an indie makeup line inspired by the allure, mystery and electricity of 1920s Art Deco Miami Beach, brought to you with love by the mother-daughter duo, Lauren and Ann.

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