What We Love: Fringe Noir Mascara

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What We Love: Fringe Noir Mascara

Have you ever wondered what makes our Fringe Noir Mascara so special? Here is what Ann and Lauren, cofounders of 42 Dubonnet, love about it!


"We love how it makes lashes feel soft and it never irritates your eyes. We also love that it never flakes!"

So now that you have heard from 42 Dubonnet's very own, keep reading to find out what real women think about our mascara!

Jesse Sage

Model, Makeup Artist, and Youtuber


"What I love about the mascara is, it is buildable...you can build to look like Ardell Wispies."

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Melody Martorana

Makeup Artist from Spackle & Glue


"@42dubonnet thank you! Your mascara is fantastic! XO"

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Nikki Arnold Hall

Beauty Influencer from The Fashionable Accountant


"This mascara never clumps on me which is why I love it so much. Two coats of this and I look like I have long gorgeous and perfectly fanned out lashes!!"

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Beauty Influencer


"This mascara gives me length and volume while perfectly separating my lashes. Never clumps up or flakes off during the day."

If you like the sound of our Fringe Noir Mascara, take a look at all of the other products 42 Dubonnet has to offer! And if you would like to read more reviews about our products, check out our Press page. 

42 Dubonnet is an indie makeup line inspired by the allure, mystery and electricity of 1920s Art Deco Miami Beach, brought to you with love by the mother-daughter duo, Lauren and Ann.

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