Eye Makeup: 17 Beauty Experts Share Their Tips

Eye Makeup: 17 Beauty Experts Share Their Tips

It's said that the eyes are the window to the soul. If you are a good observer you can easily guess a person's emotional state by looking at their eyes. That's why people pay a particular attention to the eyes. From ancient times, women used to contour their eyebrows to make their eyes seem brighter and more attractive. When it comes to makeup, any woman wants to have sexy lips and alluring eyes.

Still, for many women, it's quite a challenge to makeup their eyes. You have to use proper products, in the right order, not too much because it will look bad and artificial, but enough to cover your small flaws and enhance your natural beauty. This goes beyond choosing products with organic ingredients or from a certain brand. Your eye makeup must be a good match for your eyes' color, your outfit, your overall makeup and with the time of day and the event to which you are going. So many decisions to make and so many ways where you can go wrong and end up with a beauty disaster.

To help you learn how to correctly apply your eye makeup, we reached out to 17 beauty experts and asked them:

What tricks/techniques do you use to create a sultry eye look?

Check out the post below to read their best tips on eye makeup.

Liz Wegrzyn - Faces by Liz

Liz Wegrzyn

To create a sultry eye look you want to try and achieve a soft and effortless eye using a few simple tricks...

1. Prep the eye with a cream base primer. A noncolor one works great!

2. Apply a rose gold or silver shade to the base of the eye, but do not go all the way up to the brow. You will want to stop right before your natural crease and use a soft sweeping motion to apply.

3. Take a blending brush and apply a soft neutral brown shade to the crease, blending as you go, so there are no harsh lines. The color should be close to your natural skin tone. Then dip the same brush into a darker shade (deep brown, burgundy, or dark grey) and apply only to the outer corner of the eye in a slight v-shape but blending away any harsh lines as you apply the color.

4. Use a pencil eyeliner in the shade of a smoky grey, black or even deep purple or deep blue. Apply the pencil line as close to top lash line as possible starting with the outer eye and slowly bringing in the line thinner to the inner eye. Apply a thin layer to the lower lash line as well stopping a quarter or half of the way in.

5. Take a small blending brush and dip the brush into an eyeshadow tapping excess eyeshadow off the brush before applying to eye. Use an eyeshadow shade that is close to the color of eyeliner you chose, and start to add it on top of the eyeliner you just applied while blending out the line.

This is called smoking out the eyeliner. You want to make the liner a bit softer with less hard edges. do the same thing with the lower lash line.

I like to subtly create a wing at the end of the eye on top which will create the effect of a sultry eye.

6. Line the water line on the bottom of your eye with a black pencil and finish with your favorite mascara! Apply more mascara to the outer eye or add a few individual false lashes to the outer eye for a more sultry effect.

Sona Gasparian - Simply Sona

Sona Gasparian

To create a sultry eye look, you want to use cream products first to create a base, then start to apply your powder eyeshadows on top to set the cream product.

There are a lot of great cream sticks you can use as the base and go in with your favorite shadow to top it off.

This technique creates texture and gives the look a dewy finish which makes it look super sultry.

Carol Rock

Carol Rock

The best technique for creating a sultry diffused eye look requires little to no experience and will give your eyes an instant sultry look without using 10 different products.

1. Prime your eyelids with a primer to keep the look from creasing. 

2. Line the base of your lashes with a soft kohl liner.

3. Take a soft fluffy brush and begin blending the eyeliner up towards the contour or crease of your eye, then what's left on the brush can be applied under the bottom lashes.

Don't forget to coat your lashes with mascara to really open the eyes! 

Cynthia Abato - Paint Me Pretty

When creating a sultry eye look I make sure I prime my eyelid first before starting. Once I start I make sure I put translucent powder all over my lid and then proceed with a very light transition eyeshadow before applying any dark colors. I usually take my time because rushing will end up a mess. I make sure I blend well as I apply more color on my lid.

Starting light is key because I can always fix light if I start with a dark color it's very difficult to fix.

When I use 42 Dubonnet's sultry eye gel liner for a smoky eye I will blend the gel first on my eye without eyeshadow on top then I put a eyeshadow on top and continue blending.

Desireé Delia
Desiree Delia

I would say a great tip for creating a sultry eye is by layering and blending.

People don’t often realize that to create the effect you are looking for you need to use a transition color which is lighter than the end goal color but still in the same color family.

Create the shape by starting with that light color and blending it in and then you layer another shade darker working in the same color family and blending working your way up depending on your preference.

Top off the eye by curling your lashes and layering a few coats of mascara to top and bottom lashes. To kick it up an extra notch apply black eyeliner pencil to the water line.

Jennifer Trotter - Lip Service Makeup

Jennifer Trotter

Here are my tips to create as signature smoky, sultry eye:

- Stick to neutral shadows. Bright shades can be over the top or extreme.....neutral shades look more sophisticated.

- Neutral shades don't have to be boring! I love to create smoky eyes with charcoal gray, rose gold, bronze, champagne, and shimmery taupe.

- Use darkest shadows along your lash line and blend up to crease, add a medium toned shadow to crease, and finish with a lighter shadow on brow bone. My favorite sultry combo is black shadow blended well, then a toasty ginger shade, and a golden champagne to finish.

- Smoke out your liner. Thin, precise liner can look aging and harsh.....try this technique instead: using a small brush, apply black or a dark charcoal liner close to your lash line. Smudge using a q-tip to soften the line. Smoke it out further with a little bit of shadow in black, charcoal or a dark brown applied with a small shadow brush. Using the same shadow and brush, lightly smudge a bit of shadow in lower lash lines.

- Want to amp it up? Add black gel liner to waterlines and smudge with a q-tip for a super sultry look!

- Lash out....no sultry eye is complete without fluttery lashes! Add a few coats of glossy black mascara, or choose natural wispy strips or add a few individuals. Avoid lashes that are too long or too even....it reads more drag queen that sultry.

Susie Lee - Echo Vie

Susie Lee

For an easy sultry/ evening/ party eye, I start with a neutral shadow color (like tan, bronze, gold) that has a bit of shimmer to it. Apply it to all over the eyelid..blend well with a fluffy brush.

Take a dark brown or black shadow and with a thin brush, apply it along the lash line for top and bottom.  Use an eye gel or eyeliner in black to line the waterline on top and bottom. 

Last curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and apply 1-2 coats of black mascara.Voila!

Hillary Kline - Kline To The Top

Hillary Kline

Green Eyes:

Emphasize your lashes– choose a mascara that creates the effect you want whether that is longer lashes, volume or both. Apply 2-3 coats to achieve lush-looking lashes. Purple shadows are also a green-eyed girl's BFF. Apply a purple or plum along the lashline to add contrast and make the eyes pop.

Blue Eyes:

Multiple shades look best with blue eyes. I tell my clients to grab tones of brown, gray, camel, copper, pink, slate and more. If you want to create depth to the look, pick a slightly deeper shadow and put it in the crease – makes a strong statement and makes the blue pop.

Brown Eyes:

Go for the gold – put a hint of gold on your lid if you have brown eyes – it makes the eyes look bigger and bolder. I absolutely love mixing the shades from Lorac's eyeshadow palette, Unzipped Gold.

Katelyn McCullough - Elwynn + Cass

Katelyn McCullough

What I do to enhance a sultry eye look is to do a dark brown pencil liner, and go lightly on the lower waterline. This brightens your eyes, thus enhancing a smokey look.

To make it even more sultry, I will also line under my eye, right along the lash line, and then smudge it with my finger, so it’s not as harsh/straight.

This gives you an easy smokey eye look.

 Lyndsey Marie Yeager - Glossa Makeup

Lyndsey Marie Yeager

1. Have the right PRODUCT- My favorite MUST HAVE product is a matte shadow. Whether it is a matte black, brown, navy or deep violet having a matte shadow helps create depth to the eye while providing the most pigment for the shadow applied.

Most eyeshadow women use on an everyday basis has a lot of shimmer to it so throwing in a matte creates a nice contract from day to night.

2. Have the right TOOLS - In order to create the perfect sultry look you need two specific brushes. One, a detail brush that has a very small head with tight bristles and a ponytail style blending brush.

The detail brush you will use to create the "drama on top and underneath the eye" and the ponytail, you will use to blend everything together.

3. Have the right TRICKS - Here are a few of mine when doing a sultry eye. If possible do your eye makeup first, before your foundation, so when there is fallout from the darker shadows you can clean up easily without ruining your other makeup.

Next, when applying the eyeshadow be sure to look down into the mirror with the chin up instead of squinting in the mirror. This will provide you with a flat surface to work on.

What you need:

- Eye Base - Helps keep eye makeup on

- Eye Shadow - a Highlight color for the inner corner and up under the brow, a lid color, whatever you choose but I would keep it in a more neutral shade nothing too dark and then a matte dark shade for the outer corner. 

- Eye Liner - Whatever formula you choose, this is for the top. Keeping the liner close to the lash line, I prefer a pen-style liner that is easy to use. However, you will need a pencil for the underneath. Black preferably. 

- Brows - Groom browns how you normally would, if you wanted to add a little powder the above eyeshadow palette has several colors of matte powders you can use in brows)

- Mascara - Waterproof formula is my preference so you can hit the bottom lashes good for this look. If it is possible, false lashes can only bump up the sultry look.

I suggest getting a pair from the drug store and cutting them in half just to use on the outer corners or buying ones just made for outer corners.

This way they are easier to apply as well as create more drama. Don't forget the glue, the glue with a little brush helps apply lighter. 

- Brushes - Flat all over color brush, smokey eye brush (detail brush) and ponytail brush.  


1. Apply eye base with finger all over lid

2. Groom Brows

3. Apply highlight shadow from inner corner to under brow with Brush #350

4. Apply lid color to the entire lid with brush #350

5. This is where the sultry part comes in. Using your pupil as a center point, apply dark matte shadow to the outer part of the eye starting at the lashline NEVER going past the pupil toward the nose.

Use brush #300, and since it is a dense brush, you add to the lashline first and work your way up to the crease JUST ON THE OUTER PART not going past the pupil.

Lightly take the #610 brush and lightly blend the dark inward at the crease but leaving the most of the dark color to the outside.

6. Using brush #300 lightly apply the matte shadow under the eye starting at the outer corner and working inward, stopping at the pupil. At this point, you want to take the brush and remove most the shadow on the brush and use it to blend.

Then go back and add the highlight color from the inner corner under the first part of under the eye to brighten.

7. Add a liner to the top of the lid keeping it close to the lash line, then looking upward use the pencil to put the black liner on the lash line underneath.

8. Apply Mascara to the top and bottom

9. Add lashes by cutting them in half and apply a thin layer of glue to the band. Using the pupil as a guide again start in the middle and push to the outer corner. After they are dry, apply a thin layer of mascara to blend with natural lashes.

10. Finish with a once over blend to make sure there are no sharp edges, this is what keeps it looking sultry. And clean up underneath and proceed with the finishing of the face.

Chris Lanston

Chris Lanston

The way I do a sultry eye is by taking a cream or gel liner from the pot, usually in black but can be used for any color, and start with a flat brush a apply from lash line to the middle of the eye.

Next, I take the same shade of eyeshadow and blend it together till the desired look.

Always line the waterline with black liner also and top of with mascara.

Mandie Brice

Mandie Brice

Makeup is often used to enhance physical beauty from an evolutionary standpoint. To mate, the opposite sex is generally attracted to visions of health, and a big, bright eye is one sign of health in human beings! 

That's one of the reasons why many eye makeup techniques are designed to "play up" eyes and make them appear larger!

Sultry eyes are no different, although many times a sexy squint can be very powerful and alluring.

To start, use a primer from lashline to brow. I usually do my eye makeup before I do the rest of my makeup to avoid having fallout ruin my foundation (you can easily wipe it away and then apply your primer, concealer, and foundation when your eyes are done).

Then, put a nude/skin-toned color from lashline to brow. Use a dark brown or black (depending on how bold you want to go and how fair or dark your skin is) to create the shadow your lashes would leave if they were as long and thick as we dream, and a light was shining on them. If you open your eyes, it should go to just above where your lashes end.

At this point, you can choose to either blend that color up (if you're an expert at blending), or use a third color that is in a shade range between your all over color and the darkest color to help blend it in, to make it look a little more natural, and to avoid having harsh sharp lines of obvious shadow.

If you're feeling up for it, add some false lashes, or if you're already blessed with length and volume in the lash department, skip that part, and apply liner to the outer 3/4 of the top eye, and outer 2/3 of the bottom lashline, and then add mascara! One tip to make eyes bigger is to use black mascara on your top lashes and brown on the bottom.

You can also choose to use a light, metallic highlight color to put in the inner corner of your eyes, and perhaps a light dusting on your browbone (raised part right underneath the outer 2/3 of your eyebrows).

At this point, you can continue on with the rest of your makeup (once you've wiped away any loose dark powder that may have fallen on your skin to avoid the panda or exhaustion look)! I would recommend going easier on the blush with a bold eye, and maybe choosing a nude lip.

If you've stayed in the brown and black ranges, a bold red lip is a good choice as well! I just usually advise to choose one feature to focus on, and let that get most of the attention, so no one looks like a clown!

Jaimie Zelinger

Jaimie Zelinger

Before creating any makeup look on the eyes, it is extremely important to apply an eye primer. The primer will prevent the eyeshadow from creasing and disappearing over time. 

A primer that is clear in color should be applied directly all over the eyelid, from the lash line to the brow bone. I use this trick on all of my brides!

I often use shades of Gold to create a sultry eye look. You can also create a sultry eye look with a pop of color to enhance your eyes even more!

After the primer is applied, apply a shimmery nude eyeshadow over the entire eyelid. The eye shadow color Jest by MAC Cosmetics works well. Jest will brighten the entire eye area.

Tip/Trick: Apply this shimmery shade starting with the inner corner of the eye and blending outward. Always dab the makeup brush onto the eye with the product. The makeup brush can be sprayed with Fix+ by MAC Cosmetics which will enhance the pigmentation of the eyeshadow. Fix+ is a must in my makeup kit!

Add a pop of color to the lower lash line. Use an eye pencil and run it along the lower waterline. 

A thin liner can be applied to the top lid for those who wear eyeliner on top but it is not necessary. You can use the same color from the lower waterline or I suggest using a Black liner in either a pencil or liquid form. 

Apply Black mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

Do not forget to fill in your brows! Use a brow powder or filler that is lighter than your eyebrows in order to give off a natural eyebrow look.

Always apply eye concealer. Don't use your fingers! Use a beauty blender and apply the concealer under the eye with a blotting motion. Tip: Finish the eyes first before applying the concealer and face makeup.

This way, if there is any eyeshadow fall out, the product can be removed from under the eye without ruining any of the other makeup already on the face. This will totally help you, in the long run, trust me!

Liz Fuller

Liz Fuller

I think the best sultry eye is a dark one. And the difference between a smoky eye and a sultry eye, to me, is centered on the actual lid. I like the color on the lid to be a bit more intense with a bit of shine, so when you close your eyes or blink, the attention is focused on that bit of glossiness that sort of peeks out.

To achieve this look, I like to apply a dark, rich color to the lid, from lash line to crease. Good colors are deep chocolate or a deep, rich denim blue. (You can use any dark color, but I prefer these). And I like to apply the color wet.

Start off by applying a shadow primer. Next, I spritz my flat shadow brush with either a setting spray or dip it into a mixing medium, press the brush into the shadow and then pat it onto the lid, pressing it in.

Then I take a blending brush and blend the edges into the crease. I will swipe a bit of highlighter along the brow bone and in the tear ducts. I will trace a shimmery, champagne-colored shadow along the lower lash line and then go over that with the same shade from the lid along the lower lash line.

I will press a black shadow along the upper lash line, really concentrating on pushing it into the lashes, down to the roots. When the shadow on the lid is dry, I dab a tiny bit of Vaseline onto the lid to give that glossy look. Curl lashes, and apply a ton of mascara and you are done!

Margina Dennis

Margina Dennis

I think you can get a sultry look without making it overly complicated. I love the Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Stick Eye shadow because they are multidimensional and have a metallic finish which captures light.

1. I start with a bit of concealer on the eye to give a neutral and smooth surface. Eye primer can cause the shadow to grab too much and make it hard to blend.

2. I like to then set with loose powder to take all the moisture out so that the whole look has staying power.

3. With a fluffy brush sweep a light peach or golden highlight powder from the lashline to the to the top of the crease. This will start to create dimension with the look. The Laura Mercier Mineral Illuminating powder is great for this and you can use as a highlight in the corner of the eye and on the cheekbones

4. Swipe the Marc Jacobs twinkle Pop Stick from lash line to crease. Stardust (charcoal), Three Shakes (chocolate), and Au Revoir (pewter) are great for this. Take a blending brush to blend out the color so that it fades into the skin above the crease.

5. I like to line the top and bottom waterlines with a black kohl and then use a color smudged along the top and bottom lash line that allow the eye color to pop.

6. A mascara completes the look 

7. If you want more drama without looking like you tried too hard #110 lashes by Ardel are great.

Kashmir Asvaraksh - Hair by Kashmir

Kashmir Asvaraksh​

For me, a sultry eye is all about smokiness and not necessarily about strong lines.

I tend to use a cream based liner and make sure that it is smudged out nicely with a sponge tip brush.

I then go over it with a thin line of dark shadow. A soft, smudged smoky eye is far sexier than one with harsh lines.

Mindy Green - MG Beauty

Mindy Green

To create a sultry eye, (these instructions presume your eye is primed and prepped with a base shadow the same color as your lid.

1. Use a dark brown or charcoal grey kohl eyeliner pencil and line completely around your eyes (top and bottom). I’d stay away from black and espresso liner which is really dark and better suited for smoky eyes.

2. With a cotton swab, smudge the liner to create a softer line. With a brush, layer a darker shimmer or even sparkle shadow (gunmetal grey, darker taupe or plum for a pop of color) over the liner and blend.

3. Add a few coats of mascara to amp up your look and finish the eye. If you are really makeup savvy, add lashes.

Dear readers, now you know how to use eye makeup to get a sexy look that will make all their guys turn their heads to you. Cherish your beauty and enhance it through proper beauty care. 

Thank you so much to all the makeup artists that contributed to this expert roundup! Share this post and follow our blog for more beauty tricks.


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