5 Beach Bag Must-Haves

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5 Beach Bag Must-Haves

Going to the beach is arguably one of the best parts of the summer months! Surf, sand, and sun are all the makings of a perfect day. But if you're anything like me, not even a salty, sandy day at the beach is enough to make me forego my makeup products and go barefaced for the day. A true makeup lover through and through, I have to at least put on some eye makeup and lipstick before going on a trip to the seashore.

So, if this sounds like you too, here is what I like to pack in my beach bag! Hopefully this will inspire you when you're packing your own bag to head out and enjoy your day at the beach.

The Bag


Sand gets everywhere. If you have ever been to the beach before, you know this to be an indisputable fact. It gets in every nook and cranny, and it can be so hard to get back out. So keep this in mind when choosing your beach bag. Pass on bags made from leather, suede, or any other expensive material. Think more along the lines of canvas and straw. Bags made from canvas or straw are ideal beach bags because they are light, durable, and easy to clean. And thankfully, you have so many cute shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from!

On the Shore

Sometimes you just want to go to the beach and relax, lay out on the sand, and soak up the sun. Running around in the waves and splashing can be fun, but a day of pure relaxation is always much needed. If you would rather stick to dry land, aside from occasionally dipping your feet in the water to cool off, here are some ideas for what to wear and pack.  


1) The LBD - 'Little Black Dress'? More like 'Little Beach Dress'. Wearing an easy breezy cotton dress or romper to the beach will ensure that you look chic while staying cool in the summer heat. 

2) Sandals and sun hat - Accessorize with simple sandals that you can slide off once you're on the sand. Also consider bringing a big floppy sun hat to protect your face and neck from the sun's harmful rays.

3) Sunglasses - Make sure to bring your sunglasses to protect your eyes while you enjoy your day of total relaxation!

4) Mascara - A few quick swipes of mascara will make your eyes pop, and the tube will fit easily in your bag in case you want to reapply at the end of the day. And the smudge proof, long-lasting formula of our Fringe Noir Mascara will keep those annoying black smudges from showing up on your eyelids during the day.

5) Lipstick - Brighten up your look with a colorful pout! Our Irresistible Kissable Lipsticks are long-wear and matte so you you won't have to constantly reapply throughout your day. And if you are looking to give your lips a little shimmer, try layering one of our Illuminating Lip Glosses over your lipstick!

Or if you want a more natural look for the day, try one of our lip glosses, like Blinker, by itself for a beautiful sheer finish!

Taking a Dip

If you are looking for more ocean action when you head to the beach, your packing list is going to look a little different. When you're heading straight into the waves, function is going to come first. Think makeup and sun protection with staying power to carry you through your day, from the sand to the surf and everything in between. With that being said you should bring...


1) A beach towel - This one is an obvious beach staple. Bringing a nice big beach towel gives you the perfect place to lay in the sun and take a quick break before jumping back in the water.

2) Sunscreen - Another tried and true beach essential. This one is especially important because you're going to have to reapply pretty often as each dip in the water washes away your protection. The higher the SPF the better!

3) A cover up - It's always great to have a light beach cover up to throw over swimsuit when you need some relief from the sun or are ready to make your way home at the end of the day.

4) Waterproof eyeliner - The last thing you need on a fun beach day is to have makeup running down your face, leaving you looking like a raccoon with black rings under your eyes. For a drip-proof, smudge-proof, beach-proof eyeliner, our Sultry Eyes Gel Liner is the way to go. 

5) Bright eyeshadow - If you're looking to go the extra mile and match your eye makeup to the blue hue of the sea, our Hotsy Totsy Metallic Eyeshadow in the shade Bluetini is perfect. All our Hotsy Totsy Metallic Eyeshadows come with Long Wear Activator to help your look stay on all day, no matter where you go.


Head to the beach this summer to soak up some sunshine, play in the waves, and relax on the sand! And, with 42 Dubonnet, do it all while looking effortlessly glamorous.

Stay cool!