An Eye-Catching History of Makeup

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An Eye-Catching History of Makeup

If there is one thing makeup is great for, its holidays! And I’m not talking about getting all dolled up for a Valentine’s Day date or a fancy New Year’s Eve party. Although we love makeup for those occasions too.

I’m talking scary special effects makeup for Halloween or full American flag face paint for the Fourth of July. The bigger and the wilder and the more artistic, the better. Makeup is one of the greatest and most customizable ways to get in the spirit of celebration.

So a week and a half ago, when St. Patrick’s Day turned everything green, I couldn’t resist going green myself to get in the spirit. One of the ways I added vibrancy and drama to my look was by playing with dozens of different shades of eyeshadow. I was able to create a look that was all my own.

Eyeshadow comes in hundreds, if not thousands, of different shades and can be mixed and matched to create a unique look every time. Matte and shimmery, liquid and powder, the eyeshadow possibilities are endless.

And while eyeshadow may seem like a relatively recent invention, that isn’t the case at all! Believe it or not, people have been experimenting with all these different types of eyeshadows for thousands of years.


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42 Dubonnet is an indie makeup line inspired by the allure, mystery and electricity of 1920s Art Deco Miami Beach, brought to you with love by the mother-daughter duo, Lauren and Ann.

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