Alluring Interview with MUA Samantha Ruiz

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Alluring Interview with MUA Samantha Ruiz

In this month's Alluring Interview, we are featuring Samantha Ruiz, a makeup artist from New Jersey. While she is very tight lipped about her secrets, she shares with us her inspirations and her love of colorful, glittery eye makeup.


42 DUBONNET: Tell us about you.

SAMANTHA: I'm Samantha Ruiz and I am a 24 year old self taught MUA from Camden, NJ. I’ve been doing makeup for 2 years now. I’m inspired every day by the people who support and show me consistent love! And the other smaller artists who are on the same journey as I am.


42 DUBONNET: What is your proudest career accomplishment?

SAMANTHA: Being acknowledged by major brands such as Colourpop, NYX, and Covergirl! Also gaining 20k followers who have turned into my family. I love them all so much and wouldn’t be where I am today without their support.


42 DUBONNET: What’s one secret you learned when you started wearing / doing makeup?

SAMANTHA: Not to be afraid to challenge yourself. Try different techniques, products, and tools. In doing so I’ve created my famous “Glitter line technique”.


42 DUBONNET: What’s one of your secrets for how you do your own makeup?

SAMANTHA: Trust the process. Take your time, patience is key! And keep a soft hand at all times! Especially when blending eye shadow.


42 DUBONNET: What’s one of the juiciest secrets you’ve ever been told?



42 DUBONNET: What’s one thing you’re curious about?

SAMANTHA: The unknown of course! Aliens to be exact. We can’t be the only form of life in the universe, am I right?


42 DUBONNET: What’s the most forbidden thing you’ve ever done?

SAMANTHA: Not sure if this is considered “forbidden” but I once took my parents car out for a drive without even having my permit yet. They know even found out about it. (I hope my mom isn’t reading this)


42 DUBONNET: What’s your favorite look to create?

SAMANTHA: Colorful cut creases with glitter never let me down!



42 DUBONNET: What’s one secret for creating this look?

SAMANTHA: Have fun with it, dip into as many colors as you want! And be generous when applying the shadows. You want the colors to look vibrant.


42 DUBONNET: Thank you Samantha for sharing with us! Before you go, can you share with our audience how to follow you or reach out to you?

SAMANTHA: My Instagram is @gxldvibe and my email is

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