Alluring Interview with Award-Winning MUA Jennifer Trotter

Alluring Interview with Award-Winning MUA Jennifer Trotter

In this month's Alluring Interview, we are featuring Jennifer Trotter, award-winning makeup artist whose work has been featured nationwide...everything from BRIDES magazine to the Today show. She shares with us her beauty secret on blush, the juiciest secret she's overheard and her proudest career accomplishments (which just happened this year!).

42 DUBONNET: Tell us about you.

JENNIFER: I'm Jennifer Trotter, an award-winning pro makeup artist, beauty expert, and the principal artist and owner of Lip Service Makeup based in Dallas/Fort Worth. As a bridal beauty expert with a background in PR and Marketing, I am also a published writer and speaker covering marketing and communication strategies geared towards the wedding industry. My work has appeared in national magazines, commercials, marketing campaigns and more....everything from BRIDES magazine to the Today show!

42 DUBONNET: What is your proudest career accomplishment?

JENNIFER: It actually just happened this year! My company was awarded the prestigious "Favorite Hair and Makeup Artist" by the DFW chapter of the AACWP, American Association of Certified Wedding Professionals. (It's the best of the best in our market, and the closest thing we have to the Oscars, recognition-wise.) Winning has been a bucket list goal of mine for the past 5 years.....honestly, it's an incredible honor just to be nominated, let alone win! I was blown away from all of the support from the local wedding vendors in my market. A close second would be having a feature in BRIDES magazine in 2017 that included not only an image of my hair/makeup, but an article I wrote as well!

42 DUBONNET: WOW! That's amazing! Congratulations!

And tell us which products you are wearing in your photo?

JENNIFER: I'm wearing IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness to cancel out redness in my cheeks, plus a sheer wash of It Cosmetics CC cream in light. Blush is custom mixed cream blushes from Senna cosmetics, everything is set with RCMA no color powder. On eyes, I'm wearing shadows from Makeup Geek paired with Inglot AMC-77 liner, no mascara (I have extensions), and brows are enhanced with Senna Cosmetics brow powder in Auburn. Lips are Kat Von D lipstick in Hellbent.

42 DUBONNET: What’s one secret you learned when you started wearing / doing makeup?
JENNIFER: Practice makes perfect....even after 27 years as a pro, I'm constantly refining my technique! Newbie artists are always attracted to the "fun" products....sparkly, bright, glitter, etc., but I quickly learned that it was more important to really master more natural looks using neutrals.

42 DUBONNET: What’s one of your secrets for how you do your own makeup?

JENNIFER: One of my best secrets is my blush technique! Over the years, I've learned that the most flattering blush looks come from using really bright shades blended down well. I will often dot ultra bright powder blush on the apex of my cheekbones and blend up and out for lift....I can give myself a mini-facelift just with blush! Using powder blush on top of emollient foundation allows me to blend it perfectly, BEFORE I set with's never streaky. Secret #2 is my signature red lip! I rotate between 12 shades from fire engine to cherry red.....all brighten my complexion and make my teeth look whiter. Even with zero makeup, a red lip makes me look and feel put together, so I wear red daily.

42 DUBONNET: What’s one of the juiciest secrets you’ve ever been told?

JENNIFER: I LOVE hearing gossip about people I don't know! It's guilt free because I don't know these people and I won't see them again. During weddings, I often hear really juicy gossip!! I recently heard bridesmaids talking about a girl they knew who dumped her 25 year old boyfriend to marry a man twice her age....a man who had actually dated the girl's 46 year old aunt 2 years before.

42 DUBONNET: Woah! That is juicy!

What’s one thing you’re curious about?

JENNIFER: Different religions/cultures and their wedding customs! I've worked with brides from a multitude of backgrounds and I love it when they take the time to share their traditions with me.

42 DUBONNET: What’s the most forbidden thing you’ve ever done?

JENNIFER: I'm a major rule follower, so not much! The one thing I do pretty regularly? I speed! I'm always in a hurry to get somewhere, so I admit it...I speed. I wind up getting a ticket every couple of years and it doesn't even make me angry, I know I totally deserve it.

42 DUBONNET: Haha, me too!

What’s your favorite look to create?

JENNIFER: I'm all about a naturally glam look. I love shimmery neutrals on eyes...platinum, rose gold, pewter, bronze....paired with a really lush, but natural looking lash. Flawless skin with everything covered, but skin still looking like skin, a flushed cheek and a berry lip. It's modern AND timeless at the same time and adapted to their specifics, it works on literally every single person!

wedding-classic-oaks-ranch-mansfield-texas-foster-blue-lush-couture-lip-service-makeup-randy-ro-entertainment-amanda-mccollum-lightly-photography-0002 - Jennifer Trotter

42 DUBONNET: What’s one secret for creating this look?

JENNIFER: Blending....there's no such thing as too much blending. I always say, blend blend blend.....and then blend again. Also, don't overdo foundation! In this particular example, I love how her skin looks flawless, but I've let a sprinkle of freckles still pop would be shame to cover them.

42 DUBONNET: Thank you Jennifer for interviewing with us! Before we go I'd like to share with our audience how our readers follow you or reach out to you.

JENNIFER: You can find out more about me at: and on Instagram at @lipservicemakeup.

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