Alluring Interview with Melody Martorana from Spackle & Glue

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Alluring Interview with Melody Martorana from Spackle & Glue

January is the beginning of a New Year and we are filled with ideas of transforming from our old selves to our new selves. In the spirit of transformation, our alluring interview this month is with Melody Martorana. In a minute you'll see why we chose her for our January Makeup Artist Alluring Interview. 

"It's amazing what you can do with a little Spackle & Glue!", Melody Martorana says (MUA, Esthetician, and owner of Spackle & Glue). 

Melody shares with us that her fascination with makeup's transformative powers started when she was pre-teen: "I remember witnessing my friend's older sister (who also happened to be a local pageant winner) mid-transformation and I suddenly realized that the face was a canvas...the possibilities were endless!"

42 DUBONNET: Tell us about you.

MELODY: As a makeup artist and esthetician, I love taking the naturally beautiful facial canvas and enhancing or completely transforming it with skincare and cosmetics, allowing people to realize their full alluring potential. I'm also passionate about empowering others to incorporate new techniques and routines into their daily skincare and makeup looks.

42 DUBONNET: And tell us which products you are wearing in your photo?

Vintage look

MELODY: For this look, I'm wearing:

Eyes: 42 Dubbonet's Smoky Eyes LTD ED Mini Compact - Blue Frosted (every color!), topped with Hotsy Totsy Metal Eye Shadows layered in French 75 and Silver Bullet, with Honeybee Gardens' Mineral Powder Color in Flirtatious (as all-over eye base)

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Brow Palette in Granite

Lips: 42 Dubonnet's Irresistible Kissable Lipstick in Bootsy Collins with Honeybee Gardens' Angelic (from their Cosmopolitan Palette) tapped over the center of the lip

Face Contour: Honeybee Gardens' Mojave Pressed Shadow

Eye, Cheek, Nose and Chin Highlights: Honeybee Gardens' Mineral Powder Color in Satin Sheets

Cheeks: Honeybee Gardens' Complexion Perfecting Blush in Tea Rose

Full Coverage: Honeybee Gardens' Pressed Mineral Foundations in Supernatural & Geisha

Concealer/Baking: CoverFX's Click Stick Concealer in N20 under Eyes and on other highlight areas with RCMA's No-Color Powder

Skin Prep: Mellisa B. Naturally's Shimmering Face & Body Primer, Pack Your Bags Eye Cream, Tri Potency Peptide Serum and Moisturize & More 

Makeup Setting: Jane Iredale's POMMIST Hydration Spray

Applied With: 42 Dubonnet's Travel-Sized Lip Brush, 42 Dubbonet's Travel-Sized Eye Brush, Anastasia Beverly Hills No. 12 Brush (brows), Bdellium Tools No. 968 Brush (blush), BeBella Cosmetics No. 205 & 215 brushes (face and eye crease), Qosmedix Oblong Blending Sponge

42 DUBONNET: What’s one secret you learned when you started wearing / doing makeup?
MELODY: I have had a fascination with makeup's transformational powers since I was a young teenager and witnessed my friend's older sister (who also happened to be a local pageant winner) mid-transformation. I suddenly realized that the face was a canvas...the possibilities were endless!

42 DUBONNET: What’s one of your secrets for how you do your own makeup?

MELODY: Skincare, skincare, skincare! Using nourishing and healthy skincare on a daily basis sets the stage for a healthy and beautiful canvas. My daily routine includes cleansing, toning, eye cream, probiotic/peptide serum, and moisturizing cream or oil. I'm also discriminating when it comes to ingredients...the skin is the largest organ on your body, ya know? (Oh, and drink lots of water...hydration is key!)

42 DUBONNET: What’s one of your juiciest secrets?

MELODY: I'm a pretty open book, so I might have more of a tendency to offer up TMI (Too Much Information). Something that's not really a secret about me but that people might not realize up front is that I'm a total goofball and kind of a nerd...I like being silly and I'm and proud to admit it. Life's too short to pretend to be something other that the beautiful, complex person you are. 

42 DUBONNET: What’s one thing you’re curious about?

MELODY: I'm a naturally curious people person and I like to get to know people on a more-than-surface level. Because of this, I tend to satisfy my curiosity by asking questions that other people might consider awkward in a casual, non-threatening way. As a result, my curiosity is often resolved fairly quickly...and I end up making new friends in random situations.

42 DUBONNET: What’s the most forbidden thing you’ve ever done?

MELODY: I've done lots of things that were mischievous, and occasionally naughty, but not really forbidden...except for that one time I...(keyboard battery goes dead disallowing me to share)...Ha! Seriously, I'm not a "Goody Two-Shoes" by any means, but I don't tend to be a rule breaker. 

42 DUBONNET: What’s your favorite look to create?

MELODY: I have always incorporated a vintage flair into my own personal aesthetic and love the Pinup/Rockabilly look and the feminine, flirty, sexiness it exudes. 

42 DUBONNET: Do you have a photo you'd like to share with us of this look?

42 DUBONNET: What’s one secret for creating this look?

MELODY: You've got to have a razor sharp cat eye and red hot lips (for this look, I'm rocking 42 Dubbonet's Dubonnet Red). I prefer gel liner (like 42 Dubonnet's Sultry Eyes Gel Liner Pot in Noir) to liquid liner because they offer greater control. Both key elements also require the right brush. 42 Dubonnet's beautifully styled travel brushes are perfect for these applications.  Normally I'd throw a pinned roll into my hair, but I just left it in soft curls for this image.

Thank you Melody for interviewing with us! You can follow Melody on Instagram: @spackleandglue or contact her via her Website: Spackle & Glue
MELODY: Thank you so much for the honor of being featured! xoxo ❤