Alluring Interview with MUA Kelsie Ann

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Alluring Interview with MUA Kelsie Ann

In this month's Alluring Interview, we are featuring Kelsie Ann, a makeup artist from New York City. She shares with us her favorite beauty secret, her love of highlighter, and what makes her feel like she's living her dreams.


42 DUBONNET: Tell us about you.

KELSIE: My name is Kelsie Ann and my Instagram is _kelsxo_.


42 DUBONNET: What is your proudest career accomplishment?

KELSIE: Moving to New York! I always wanted to live here and work in the beauty industry, I'm living my dream!


42 DUBONNET: What’s one secret you learned when you started wearing / doing makeup?

KELSIE: BLENDING! I know it's not a secret, but I am telling you it is the most important step for every part of your make up application, and I'm always surprised how many people don't know.


42 DUBONNET: What’s one of your secrets for how you do your own makeup?

KELSIE: I always make sure my skin is clean and prepped! I'm a moisturizer queen, I will never apply my makeup without it!


42 DUBONNET: What’s one of the juiciest secrets you’ve ever been told?

KELSIE: Ooooo I am a loyal friend, and a vault once you tell me something, it's not coming back out! Haha


42 DUBONNET: What’s one thing you’re curious about?

KELSIE: Could the earth be flat?! lol don't call me crazy! I've heard too many theories.


42 DUBONNET: What’s the most forbidden thing you’ve ever done?

KELSIE: I honestly can't think of anything!


42 DUBONNET: What’s your favorite look to create?

KELSIE: Simple eyes with lashes, full coverage skin, Oh and lots of highlighter! Some times I'll add a bold lip but usually it's nude!



42 DUBONNET: What’s one secret for creating this look?

KELSIE: Don't be shy with the highlight!


42 DUBONNET: Thank you Kelsie for sharing with us! Before you go, can you share with our audience how to follow you or reach out to you?

KELSIE: My Instagram is _kelsxo_.

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