Alluring Interview with Cynthia @paintmeprettycynthiaa

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Alluring Interview with Cynthia @paintmeprettycynthiaa

This month we are featuring Cynthia Abato, Beauty Blogger and Licensed Makeup Artist from New Jersey. She shares a few of her beauty secrets, how she got started and the most forbidden thing she's ever done (which happened in Miami!).

42 DUBONNET: Tell us about you.

CYNTHIA: I was born on June 28, 1977 and raised in New Jersey. My parents told me that they knew I was going to be in the beauty business since I was four years old, because I would cut my barbies' hair and put makeup on them. I absolutely love beauty! I live, breathe, sleep beauty.

42 DUBONNET: And tell us which products you are wearing in your photo?

CYNTHIA: I am wearing 42 Dubonnet's SULTRY EYE GEL LINER as well as PINK SHIMMY LIPSTICK.

42 DUBONNET: What’s one secret you learned when you started wearing / doing makeup?
CYNTHIA: Instead of wearing a primer all over my eye lids, I wear concealer and if I do not have a toner it's okay to use apple cider vinegar instead. The vinegar balances your PH on your skin.

42 DUBONNET: What’s one of your secrets for how you do your own makeup?

CYNTHIA: I make sure I clean, moisturize, tone and primer before I put on my makeup. In the winter time I make sure I exfoliate my lips before putting on any kind of lipstick and put extra virgin olive oil on my hands. 

42 DUBONNET: What’s one of the juiciest secrets you’ve ever been told (one that won’t get you in trouble for sharing it)?

CYNTHIA: I could never tell anyone's secret even though you guys would never know who I'm talking about. I am such a loyal friend that even typing it would make me feel bad. I would never tell :)

42 DUBONNET: What’s one thing you’re curious about?

CYNTHIA: What year will I blow up on social media and people will start to notice me on the street? I would love to have fans and be able to hug them.

42 DUBONNET: What’s the most forbidden thing you’ve ever done?

CYNTHIA: I went to Miami when I was 21 and I needed more cash so I entered one of the silly contests on the Beach. I had to walk in a swimsuit and shake my asset. I won first place, $150.00! LOL BOOM Made MONEY!!

42 DUBONNET: What’s your favorite look to create?

CYNTHIA: I love more of a NATURAL LOOK for everyday but a cut crease on a night out is so nice to do with a little Glitter.

42 DUBONNET: Do you have a photo you'd like to share with us of this look?

42 DUBONNET: What’s one secret for creating this look?

CYNTHIA: Keep practicing and believe you can!!!!

42 DUBONNET: Thank you Cynthia for interviewing with us! You can follow Cynthia on Instagram: @paintmeprettycynthiaa or on her Youtube channel: PaintmeprettyCynthia A.