3 Little Secrets...

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3 Little Secrets...

We all have our little secrets! This week we'd like to share three with you about 42 Dubonnet.

Secret #1
Our first secret is that 42 Dubonnet is the address of our imaginary speakeasy. Our Art Deco packaging reflects the Prohibition era secrecy of the address. Dubonnet and all of our lipsticks and lip glosses are named after drinks that were popular during Prohibition.

Secret #2
The second secret is about our packaging. We support the Everglades Foundation and inside our packaging there is a pattern showing a scene of wildlife in the Everglades. That scene is the background on the front of the packaging, but you'll only notice it if you look very close. It is hidden by the Art Deco pattern. Each product category has a different animal. Check to see what animal is in your packaging. How many do you see?

Secret #3
Our third secret comes from the women of the 1920s themselves. My (grand)mother and her friends grew up in the 1920s and passed down to me that a woman should never let a man see her put on her makeup. "It ruins the allure." Women in the 20s kept their beauty rituals from men to create mystery. That is why at 42 Dubonnet we "keep your beauty secrets, secret".